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“Family and Culture is Everything” Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People 2020 Report

The unexpected rising of the Black Lives Matter movement across the globe in early 2020 coincided with the sweeping dread of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world. The symbioses of these events throughout 2020 threw the plight of Aboriginal child removals into sharp relief and brought home a renewed focus on the 474 Aboriginal deaths in custody since the Royal Commission made its 339 recommendations in 1991.

In this context the report focuses on the unacceptable high level of removals of Aboriginal children from their families and communities and the equally shocking over-representation of Aboriginal children and young people in the criminal justice system within South Australia.

This report examines current government policy and recommends systemic approaches to stem the tide of Aboriginal child removals and incarceration.

This report reinforces the right of Aboriginal children to family, community and culture. It is a call to action of the critical role that family and community have at the table to lead decision making about each Aboriginal child’s future and signals that ‘family and culture is everything’ to their wellbeing.

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What matters to Aboriginal Children and Young People, their families and communities: South Australia’s Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People Inaugural Report December 2019

When reading this report, please respect and value the voices and contributions of the Aboriginal children and young people, as they are the vessels for holding family, community and culture together.  Their inspiring messages of hope for a better future inform the need to give agency to Aboriginal young people’s voice, and to ensure the voice is directed to law makers, government and funded services, as well as the Aboriginal community.

Three key recommendations are listed in the Inaugural Report:

  1. Establish an Aboriginal consumer led Peak Body;
  2. Establish Aboriginal Family Care Commitees;
  3. Legislate the role of Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

Also listed in the Inaugural Report is a ‘Road Map for Action’ listing priorities of the Office of the Commissioner for Aboriginal Children and Young People.

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