The Commissioner publishes a monthly newsletter with news, events and matters relevant to Aboriginal children and young people and community.

Submit an item

People are invited to submit a short story, article or announcement that can fit into the following structure:

  1. News items and announcements – short, topical and news-oriented
  2. Major articles – in-depth discussion of topics of interest
  3. Public community events or notices

Format and word count

Articles should be submitted in Word format and discuss subjects relevant to Aboriginal youth and community.

All articles selected for publication will be proofread for content, spelling and grammatical errors.

Small changes may be made and re-sent to the sender for approval.

Word count:

  1. News items and announcements – 50 to 200 words
  2. Major articles – 100 to 500 words
  3. Public community events or notices – 50 words or less

Use of photographs and graphics

Images used must be in JPG file format.

Images must have appropriate permissions obtained to release, share and/or go to print. Permission will be assumed.

How to submit an item

Email your item and any accompanying photos or graphics to (attention Nairana Coleman) by the 1st of every month.

Distribution will occur by the 15th of every month.

By submitting a contribution, you agree that the text and images shown will be publicly available and distributed widely across the state.

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